Would you like to present your art to a much wider audience?

“As collectors have grown accustomed to the “one-stop-shopping” experience of the fair, the marketplace for art has gradually decentralized from the brick and mortar gallery space to the art fair. Gallerists have increasingly become traveling merchants, exhibiting and selling artworks in convention centers around the world.” 

Artnet News  

Fine Arts Initiatives is here to assist artists with all aspects related to presenting their work to a much wider audience at national and international art fairs.

Participating in an art fair or in any exhibition involves dealing with many things that you are either not sure of, are time consuming or simply do not enjoy. Why waste your time when we can look after all the tasks and details for you, letting you concentrate on what you like to do best – CREATE ART!

Our services include:

  • Curatorial Advice – We will work with you to select the best artwork for each fair.
  • Administrative Arrangements – We will review all terms  and make sure that all the legal angles are covered.
  • Insurance – We will make sure that you have proper fine arts insurance coverage.
  • Promotional Material – We will design, print and distribute promotional material at the fairs.
  • Advertising and Social Media – We will announce events on various channels to increase attention to you and your artwork.
  • Packing Artwork – We will provide advice and, in some cases, can send a professional art packer to your studio to pack and pick-up your work.
  • Shipping – We will assist you with all aspects of shipping your artwork.
  • Installation: – We will design and install a great looking booth which will make your artwork stand out.
  • Greeting collectors – We will present your work to visitors and tell them about you and your artwork.
  • Selling Your Artwork – We  can never promise artwork sales but we do promise that our experienced sales people will do their best to make sales happen and we will take care of all the financial arrangements and pay your share on time.

You will take care of:

  • Creating the Artwork
  • Shipping the Artwork to us
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